Can Saw Palmetto Be Used to Increase Semen Flow and Prostate Health?

Dec 06, 21
Can Saw Palmetto Be Used to Increase Semen Flow and Prostate Health?

Saw Palmetto is an extract from the Serenoa repens palm tree, a North American native species that has been used for centuries to address male urination and ejaculation problems. The active compound in Saw Palmetto is Permixon, a type of fatty acid. It works by two mechanisms that cause three main effects in the human body.

Let’s explore the three effects of Saw Palmetto

Selective Smooth Muscle Relaxation in Urinary Tract

Saw Palmetto acts by selective smooth muscle relaxation in the urethra or the tube of the male urinary tract. This allows for faster flow of both urine and semen. This is the same mechanism used by Flo-max or tamsulosin – the first line prescription treatment for male BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) symptoms in the United States.

Inhibits Prostate Inflammation

Saw Palmetto decreases abnormal growth of the prostate by inhibiting the signal that causes growth and inflammation. This is accomplished by inhibiting the conversion of DiHydroxyTestoterone (DHT) from testosterone. DHT is the signaling hormone responsible for BPH development and progression in men. DHT also stimulates inflammation of the prostate. 

Overall, inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to DHT allows for sustained or even increased flow rates of both urine and semen through the prostate, a gland that these fluids must pass through before exiting the body.

DHT Blocker & Use for Male Pattern Baldness

Saw palmetto is also commonly used to help with male pattern baldness, which is also caused by elevated DHT levels. 

Are there any other effects of taking Saw Palmetto?

We’ve learned about how Saw Palmetto promotes urine and semen flow through selective smooth muscle relaxation and by decreasing DHT. Now that we know the benefits, are there any risks to taking it?

There have been extensive studies of Saw Palmetto over the last century and none have found serious adverse effects or interactions with other medications. In fact, a large cohort of Swedish Urologists (the medical term for penis doctors) performed one of the studies and emphatically support Saw Palmetto and similar compounds for the treatment of BPH symptoms. While generally a safe supplement to use, Saw Palmetto can rarely affect blood-clotting and increase the risk of bleeding in some people. Consult your doctor if you have a blood-clotting disorder, or a liver or pancreatic disease.

Do you need Saw Palmetto? 

If you want to maintain or increase your stream, then yes! Saw Palmetto may be a great supplement for you to try! Saw Palmetto, along with other supportive nutrients, are found in the supplement Load Boost. For more information on BHP and what your prostate does – check out our Prostate and BPH videos.

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