Vitaliboost Donations and Charity

At Vitaliboost, we try our best to help those in need. One action we take is charitable donations. Donating to organizations that work to cure diseases, make scientific advancements, assist and mentor people, provide housing, and more.

In trying our best to be a good company and good people, Vitaliboost pledges to match donations made to the following organizations.

Why Donate?

  • There are countless people in need of medical services, job seeking assistance, housing, counseling, love, and more.

  • It works. Massive scientific breakthroughs have happened in treatments for cancers, mental illness, and other health issues. Organizations and people dedicate their lives to these causes, and could use our help.

Mahala's Hope

Mahala’s Hope transforms lives through nature-based healing programs of recovery.

The vision of Mahala’s Hope is to offer women in recovery a better chance of success by providing a recovery residence specifically designed to address substance abuse and trauma. The facility teaches individual holistic health, how to care for one’s self, and how to live in healthy relationships with others.

Mahala’s Hope offers equine experiential workshops for a variety of groups in the region. Because horses are prey animals, they are very attuned to the energy and emotions of others. Their trust must be earned, making them ideal partners in self-discovery.

In addition to emotional recovery, equine experiential learning helps build leadership skills. Great leadership is based upon trust; horses respond to leaders that they trust. When the participant learns to project calm, positive energy, the horse reflects it back with a positive response. When these newly learn skills are applied in their daily lives, participants are able to realize their hidden potential.

The newly opened recovery residence provides women tools for addressing their past addiction, gives them safe coping skills, and teaches them how to live in light of their new-found sobriety.

Mahala's Hope Website:

We EmpowHER

We EmpowHER provides women and children with a safe, supportive community where participants are encouraged and empowered to engage in year-round programming, utilize community resources and embrace the best versions of themselves as valued community members.

Among many other things, We EmpowHER runs The Women's Empowerment Series. The Women’s Empowerment Series is a 6-month program. During the first 12-weeks, there are weekly classes that cover topics like trauma-informed parenting, education & resume building, health & fitness, self-care, domestic violence recognition & prevention, addiction, and more. Class is Tuesday nights from 5-8 PM starting Tuesday September 13th. The classes are aimed at providing guidance, support, and resources to participants and empower them to take control of their lives. Classes are taught by local professionals who generously donate their time. 

In addition to these classes, participants have the opportunity to build one-on-one relationships with peer mentors while simultaneously getting to know other local women in a safe, positive, and supportive environment.

We EmpowHER Website:

Charis Pregnancy Help Center

Charis (pronounced kare-is) is a Greek word that means "grace and kindness." Grace and kindness is exactly what you can expect to receive as we face the challenges that come with an unplanned pregnancy together with you.

Charis Pregnancy & Family Help Center provides free and confidential services to all without judgement or discrimination.

Charis is a place where you can:

  • discuss personal situations without fear of judgement.
  • receive accurate, truthful information on all the available options, so you can make informed decisions.
  • confidentially consult with our medical staff and trained client advocates.
  • be affirmed, equipped and mentored through pregnancy and parenting or adoption processes.

Charis is a non-profit Christian ministry organized exclusively for charitable, religious and educational purposes within the meaning of 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, including but not limited to the support, education and equipping for people to make life-affirming choices relating to pregnancy, parenting, and relationships.