Load Boost: Intensidad del orgasmo, volumen del semen y sabor

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Load Boost es para personas que quieren: 

  • mejorar la salud del esperma y la salud de la próstata.
  • aumentar el volumen del semen.
  • mejorar el sabor de to semen.
  • hacer del sexo aún más divertido.

Los usuarios de Load Boost describen contracciones eyaculatorias más fuertes e intensas y un aumento en el volumen del semen al eyacular. Muchos hombres también describen un aumento en el líquido preseminal. Cada uno de estos factores puede contribuir a mejorar el sexo o la masturbación durante y antes del orgasmo.



Load Boost contiene una combinación de seis ingredientes activos que están específicamente formulados para mejorar la salud de la próstata, la salud del esperma y el sexo:


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Customer Reviews

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Rodolfo R.

Load Boost: Orgasm Intensity, Semen Volume, & Taste

B D.

These worked well. Dripping pre cum like crazy

It works and delivers on all claims

Early 60's guy. Been using it for a month so far. Really only tried it to see if it works and can honestly say it does. Precum volume increased immediately. Ejaculate volume increased noticeably after a few days and after a month is almost double what it was before. Orgasm intensity is, well, pretty intense - definitely quite a bit stronger than before, even with frequent busting. Semen flavor is sweeter with a bit of a fruity taste.

Harry H.
good effect

good effect

Works for me, wife noticed too

After taking this for 60 days. Definite increase in semen volume being produced. Slightly more intense orgasm. Wife noticed the difference as well and said it tastes noticeably better!

How ever, a very positive side effect has been, i no longer get up in the middle of the night to go pee. So, improved prostate function? Can't prove this was the cause, but can't deny the possibility either. I will continue to use this product though, just for the prostate health maintenance. (At least in my brain, placebo effect or not.)


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